How to start losing weight NOW

Do you remember what you have for breakfast this morning?

Did you have breakfast this morning? 

Whenever people said to me, hey, I’m trying to lose weight, and I’ve been cutting out all the junk foods, chips, and oily deep fried stuff, but I am not seeing much results yet? What’s going on?

“What did you have for breakfast?” Most of them look at me and said, I don’t have time for breakfast, I need to rush to work, I need to catch the bus to college. Really? Its not like I have 25 hours a day, and I have 1 hour extra to prepare and have breakfast. I have 24 hours a day just like you. What is the difference? A decision to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Some said to me, I had coffee and a cigarette? WHAT? How is that a proper breakfast? Some of my work colleagues have toasted chocolate baguette with a hot coffee. I said that’s good, but if you REALLY want to lose weight, I reckon you can do better. 

People who eat breakfast maintain a healthy weight compare to the ones who don’t because breakfast helps kick start your daily metabolism, burns fuel for energy, and keeps you focused at work. When you don’t eat breakfast, what do you do when you get hungry around 10am? the vending machine started calling out for you, and most often you choose convenience over healthy options because you are STARVING.

It is also important that you choose the right food. When I was doing my weekly groceries shopping, I saw a big giant box of Milo cereal on sale for $5.00. I put two in my cart. BAD IDEA. Back then when I was ignorant and bought into what the TV advertised, Milo help kids to focus and gives you energy. Yeah, check the sugar content, and you’ll be surprised where you get all your energy from. Rule of thumb is, anything more than 5 grams of sugar is not ideal for you when you’re trying to lose weight. 

Things you should consider having for breakfast are like rolled oats, whole grain breads, eggs, milk, yoghurt, fruits and lean meat. These foods provide sustained energy release and instead of making you feel like you have energy spike, it makes you feel full throughout the morning, and stops your craving for vending machine junk.

Now, if you’re really not a breakfast person, but you’ve decided to commit yourself to trying it, I would suggest you to start with a glass of milk, a small serve of fruit, like a banana or half a pear. Then you get to work, you can have 1-2 boiled eggs with some yoghurt, and wholemeal toast. You want to strategically wean yourself over instead force feeding yourself. That way, you body will gradually start getting use to having breakfast.

I can assure you that you’ll see a change in energy level, you will feel more focused, and energetic. When you commit to having breakfast, you’ll start losing weight.

‘What are you having for breakfast again?’  

Image: Fruity Breakfast, Blueberries with Oats

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